English Matriculation 2017

English matriculation is one of favorite program in SMPIT Asy-Syukriyyah Tangerang. This is yearly program used to be held in the earlier of academic session. English Matriculation 2017 held on 31st July to 12th August with Mr. Musadih as the chief executive. The goal of this program is to improve student’s English skill and increase their confidence to speak English more and more.

This program in cooperation with Wavi Institute from Kediri, Mr. Wavi as a director of the institute invited his friends to join this program as tutors. They are 14 tutors for students and 2 tutors for teachers including Mr. Wavi. All of them come from Kediri. They went to Tangerang by train.

The strategy to reach the goal of this program is focus. Focus in material is the best way; therefore we decided the material for each grade. 7th grade focus on vocabulary, 8th grade focus on grammar, and 9th grade focus on speaking skill. During matriculation program either students or teachers asked to speak English 100%.

In the end of the program, we have a closing program. It’s just like a farewell party because all of us enjoy the event full of entertainment. Students show off their abilities on the stage. They are drama, live music, speech, etc. Miss Sevi as a principal hoped this program can give good effect to students to be better in the future.


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