English Contest


Alhamdulillah.. Finally we had accomplished the event of English Contest 2016 well. Based on the preparation for 2 weeks, we did coaching, training and elimination session. There were Spelling Bee, Sing A Song, Story Telling, Speech and also Advertisement Parody. All the contests were very interesting agenda for the students and the teachers of SMPIT Asy-Syukriyyah.

When the final event was running on the day, All the students felt very happy and enthusiastic. Although there were some students tried walking around into their classroom and the canteen, but the committee could keep them to be more compact and stayed on the event.

Contest by contest had been stepped well. All the contestants were very confident and all-out performing. And the students as the audiences yelled-yelled to their friends were performing. They hoped their friends would be the winner of each contest

Ayub Prawibowo,S.Pd

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